Mittwoch, Februar 20, 2008

Yeah... riiiight!

Day 1
The deep ocean bottom is unreachable for now.
Labor day, Mother's day, no special day... all suck at the moment
Can't say more 'cause nothing will come out
I'm destined to the quiet existence although I am not holding my yell
Here's the thing... well, maybe the thing is void

I am empowered to handle certain matters on my own as I see fit.
Or maybe not.
Won't soft-soap my virtues and it's possibly that I have none.
Am I panicking? Guess so!
I am terribly alarmed since I can't place a mask on my blank face

Day 2
Haven't reached the ocean bottom yet.
However, it is there where I'm heading to.
Fashion trends, adulthood manners, and traditional standards... all really suck
Meanwhile, I dive down and check seahorses, jelly fish, and my individuality being soaked in blood disolved in water

I am assigned to deal and use foul language as I see fit.
Or maybe not. Am I panicking? Guess not!
I won't mind black looks and won't ever care about all those prudes.
But I'm awfully in grief as I haven't found the mask to fully cover up my sadness be continued

by Laila Chris