Freitag, September 29, 2006


Opinião, opiniões
Quanta diferença
Quanta discórdia
Difícil saber concordar
Defesa pessoal
Sou mais eu que tenho razão
Tu não podes entender
Como vai ser?
A quem te importa dizer
Tempo, não vale a pena perder.
E quem só sobe,
Nunca irá descer
Pontos de vista
Nunca convergem
Nunca tangem
Confusão temporal
O dito foi concebido
Num ato individual

O bate-boca é normal
Sou mais eu que tudo sei

by Laila Chris

Donnerstag, September 28, 2006


Quando te vi
Não soube o que dizer
Quando te vi
Talvez meditar e relevar
Assegurar-me e exprimir
Palavras certas
Mensagem clara
Ofertar meu tempo
Dividir meu afeto
Não forçar o momento
Definir o conjunto
De fatores que me levam
Até você
Não tendo mais o que falar
Procurei pensar
Em algo mais direto
Sem ser vulgar
Só queria mostrar
As pulsações
O concreto
Demorei demais
Não estando mais lá
Rezei para voltar
Mais tarde talvez

by Laila Chris

Mittwoch, September 27, 2006


Brilliant atmosphere
Colorful design
Stocks of words
Can’t deny
Can’t refuse
Can’t imagine life without
Submarine of affection
Aggravated by the sum of all feelings
Never said that to a human before
Conflict of “paroles”
Not sure if I am human

Keep it quiet
Look at it twice
The atmosphere isn’t that brilliant anymore
Dead fish are all over the places
No escapes
No ends
No deceives

Cover it up! Cover it all up!!!
Convictions, Old Convictions
Direct invasion
That can’t be said
That couldn’t be told

Similar calculus
Cool intent to recreate natural will
Filtered pills
Steps covered with withered orchids
Standing still

Put things away
They aren’t to concentrate
Ought to infest the atmosphere with colorful portraits
Bring the colored strokes back to me
Stab my skin with your paintbrush
Suck my blood as a flea would do

Sink back that submarine, soldier of ours…
Think that this has been the time
Teach others that we are
Limited, fragile, vulnerable
And promise not to torture me,
I know you won’t arrest me
For sure, you won’t shoot me
You won’t rape me!

by Laila Chris

Montag, September 25, 2006


“If I were a priest, I would not preach about God or sins (...); I would cite the poets, pray their verses, the most beautiful ones, (...) because poetry purifies the soul...and a beautiful poem - even those which are apart from God -, a beautiful poem always takes us to Heaven!”

by Mario Quintana

Sonntag, September 24, 2006


Color me human
Red as in flesh
Red as in blood
Red as in cross

Color me life
Red, yellow, and blue
Orange, green, and purple
white and Black too

Colorful flags
signs, signals, lights
Colorful spirits
free us from fights

Color, shades, opinions
Terror forces religions
to wash out the red in human blood

Tanks, missiles, bombs
Blasts splash colors everywhere
legs, eyes, human hair
London colors -
Hope ya'll still there

by Laila Chris

*About July/2005 terrorist attack in London