Samstag, August 26, 2017

Holding down the pain

Painful moments
If disappearing is some sort of solution
I wanna vanish
Ta-dah gone
Just void
Leaving not a trace
No waves, no vibration, no nothing

Nice meeting you in case you haven't known me yet

I'm Laila C. Batista, crazy hair, and from some Jewish heritage. My family has been dealing with franchising language schools way before I was born, named FISK and PBF. I've been a foreign language instructor since I was 14 years old.

So far, I've been an EFL, Portuguese as Foreign Language, Spanish, English, and a  German instructor. I am also a certified Journalist, translator, interpreter, a dropout psychology major, and a writer as human necessity. I was born in Brazil. I have 6 cats and 6 tattoos.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Communication in Brazil, in 1997, I decided to live abroad, in order to fully learn another language, attend a complementary course for my academic education process, and get to know a different culture. I lived in Saint Petersburg, US, for five years.

I will be soon 42, I've got a business of my own since I was 27, I've been married for 18 years, and I've forcefully decided to live back in my home country for good (who would've  thought?). Hate it here.

My family has got two language schools in Brazil. I teach kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school EFL, and I have got two ongoing book projects: a poetry one and a fiction novel and have recently launched a book of shorties intended for EFL learners in Brazil.

My experiences in journalism towards entertainment news and short story writing led me to the artistic literary practice. I have also taught languages for 27 years. Through my education background, abilities, and desire to work, I believe I can be very useful to any editorial. I was looking  forward to hearing from publishers to discuss about any possible publication of my manuscripts; as I'd written that years ago, I am fine in that matter, actually.

I am currently a columnist of a variety local  magazine which I named - Blister, and I'm nearly ending my very first poetry book. I love blogging, playing the drums, teaching languages, proofreading, and translating. I am definitely in my element.

Montag, Juli 31, 2017

Carta aberta a Policiais Rodoviários

Olá, boa noite. Como vão?

Ontem 29/07, de madrugada (por Volta das 1h30), meu esposo J Roberto Batista e eu, Laila C. de C. Gonçalves, ambos professores, voltávamos de Caxias do Sul, com destino a Pres. Venceslau, SP. Estávamos finalizando nossa mudança de Volta à Terra natal.

Perdemos a direção do Celta Branco, placa IUW _ _ _ _ (nunca lembro a placa) e rodamos numa curva acentuada e a roda traseira saiu do eixo, nas proximidades de Concórdia, SC.

Fomos ajudados por um caminhoneiro que nos levou até vocês. Não me recordo qual caminhão era, mas o rosto do motorista para sempre ficará na memória. Me recordo do Posto Policial Rodoviário, me recordo do sobrenome do oficial Brehm - obrigada por passar o melhor café do mundo) e de seu assistente que é do Paraná.

Me lembro do galpão para onde fomos guinchados,  do SR. Jobber, e que eles nos serviu o melhor chimarrão da história. E eles, com a ajuda do nosso seguro (HDI - fantástica e tem que ser indicada), nos deram total assistência, e fomos guinchados até Presidente Venceslau, SP, saindo pouco antes das 7 da manhã.

Apreciamos o profissionalismo e a paciência que tiveram conosco. O Brasileiro precisa saber que o melhor de nosso país, somos NÓS. Juntos formamos um povo trabalhador que, sem ele, aí sim estaríamos num total caos. Obrigada por me resgatar a esperança de continuar a lutar e manter a fé em nossas instituições. Se eu já admirava Policiais, agora então nem se fala. Continue honrando suas fardas.

Chegamos ao nosso destino às 12:30AM de hoje (30/07). Nosso carro foi liberado do guincho, diretamente no local autorizado para o conserto. E a viagem foi muito calma e segura. O motorista Juarez levou nosso carro com muita responsabilidade,  na velocidade limite, fizemos todas as paradas necessárias (meu esposo é diabético)...

E o que tenha a dizer, é que agradecemos por tudo e todos, conhecidos e desconhecidos que se envolveram em nosso salvamento. Vocês têm um trabalho de muita importância à nossa sociedade. Tenho boa memória e não me esqueço das pessoas (anjos da Terra) que me ofereceram suas mãos para nos tirar de uma situação tão inesperada e adversa.

Obrigada por existirem.
E espero que esse Email chegue até vocês.

Com muita gratidão,
Professora Laila e Roberto
July 30th, 2017

Sonntag, April 30, 2017

Worth Reading

Dear Teacher on the Tired Days,

Posted on April 27, 2016 by Petals of Joy

I get it.

I had a student hurt my feelings today. Words that cut deep and wounded because there is always an element of truth perceived by the one being sarcastic.

And I’ve been icing my bruises all afternoon.

The school year is winding down, and I’m tired. I know you’re tired, too. Exhaustion is seeping in. We’re wondering if we’re going to end better than we began, or if our students will be dragging our limp bodies across the finish line.

My seniors may have three weeks left, but they checked out a month ago. Some days I wonder why I even bother to have a lesson. I could just assign a reading passage and the questions to answer from the end for the next fifteen school days.

There are teachers out there who do that…

I understand why.

I spend days and weeks begging and pleading, attempting to try anything that might, just might, get my students to read the books I assign.

I craft lessons and talk about stories and show video clips in every attempt to get my teens to think outside of themselves—to see the world and its nuances. Then I spend lunch wiping the tears of the one bullied and outcast.

I stay up to grade essays and comment on ways to improve their writing. Hours spent away from my family only to wonder if it makes any sort of difference when I see those same essays in the trash.

So by this time of year, I’m ready to call it quits. Every year wondering if I can do it again.

I know you understand. I know you feel the same. I know you have nights you wonder why you chose this profession, this teaching, this pouring out of your life into hearts day after day after day.

But really? You didn’t choose teaching.

It chose you.

For me, college was spent denying the very thought of teaching. It was only a far-in-the-background safety net if the writing thing didn’t work out.

The only job I could get right out of college?

Yep. Teaching.

By Christmas that first year I said never again.

I’ve been teaching thirteen of the last seventeen years, and now there’s no other job I’d enjoy more. (Unless being a travel writer for Condé Nast was an option…Are they hiring? Tahiti sounds like heaven right now.)

It is my calling. It is my purpose.

But here’s the thing about calling. God doesn’t call us to the easy. He invites us to the hard. The get-your-hands-dirty difficult. We are not promised perfect just because we are fulfilling our life’s purpose.

Because that kid with the bitter sarcasm? He or she may still need your smile that you might not want to give.

And your class after lunch with 20 big teenage boys and only five girls, all hyped-up with sugar, dyes, and processed foods and IEPs and 504s? They need to know they’re worth the effort even when they themselves show none.

And those children from broken homes with parents who shatter each other with words or fists? They need a quiet heart to stand beside them, even though you know politicians only see their test scores and not their homes.

And those students with apathy so thick you fear they will never feel anything? For anyone? They need to see that transparency breathes a beautiful life. They need to see it in you, even when the see-through heart leaves you an easy target.

Teaching was never about us. If this profession has called your name, you’re only ever in it for the students.

That’s why it hurts so much when they act like they don’t care or when the disrespect slaps us hard across the face, and the sting burns for days.

I know you’re tired. You’re battle weary with wounds seeping and scarring. But they still need you.

They need to see your fight.

Don’t give up, my friend. You can’t. I can’t. The stakes are too high. This calling, this profession, this teaching—it changes the future.

Our students are worth starting new tomorrow. They are worth giving it all we have one more day again and again and again.

Because there are students listening. There are students learning. There are students caring. We must refuse to allow the loud voices of a few to drown out the soft voices of teachable spirits.

Let’s fight together, friends. Let’s end this year better than we began. Let’s cheer each other on tomorrow and the next day and the next until we hear that final bell ring.

This is our calling. These are our students.

They deserve our fight.

Freitag, Januar 13, 2017

Inferno Astral

Never mind the bullshit
Do not mind what people say
I simply cannot mind their thoughts
Losers are forever losers
Minding is not my cup of tea
Grumpy faces don't scare me
I am not easy to give up
I rarely do
Never mind the hatred
Do not tell me what to do or say
I simply cannot be bossied around
Fussy folks and demanding chores do not reach me... I fly higher
Never mind the morons, the haters, the party poopers... I go lower
Gratitude is felt by those who really help

By Laila Chris Batista

By Laila Chris Batista

Donnerstag, Januar 12, 2017

Profession and social standing

Valid during several weeks: This is a time when you should turn your attention to the most outward aspects of your life - your career, your role in the larger society and your standing and reputation within the community. You should also take this time to examine your life as a whole and see if you are going in the direction you want and making adequate progress in your life. This transit is future oriented rather than past oriented. You may have to deal with elements of your past, but only to make corrections so that you can plan more intelligently for the future. The only real danger of this transit is that if you have done something wrong or in a slipshod fashion it may be exposed now and trip you up in unpleasant ways. It would be a very good idea to look over your life and correct any situations that might give you problems in this way.

Montag, November 14, 2016

F*ck yeah

Valid during many months: During this period you will try to achieve something of significance in your work or career. You will not find it sufficient to continue as you have, and your ambition will become more powerful than usual.

This can be either good or bad in the long run, depending upon how you go about getting ahead. On the positive side, this influence helps you overcome your previous limitations, which were caused largely by fear and lack of confidence.

Now you feel capable of greater achievements and willing to work for them. This influence usually creates great optimism and self-confidence, but you must be careful that it does not become overconfidence. Your life will not take care of itself if you neglect the important details of daily existence. Do not let your seemingly more important present concerns cause you to neglect these other aspects of your life.

But this influence can also signify an inflated ego, a state of mind in which you attribute to yourself powers and talents far beyond your actual abilities. In rare and extreme cases, a person may think of himself as godlike. But for most people this is expressed simply as overestimation of one's talents. Be careful not to take on more than you can handle. There is so much positive energy in this influence that it would be unfortunate to waste it with pride, foolish arrogance and overestimation of your capabilities.

You want to be important now, and it is quite possible to attain that goal, but only if you know yourself adequately. Dare to do more than you have ever done before, but balance your daring with reason and care.

Samstag, Oktober 22, 2016

Be flexible

You will have quite a lot of communication with others today through conversations, letters, phone calls and so forth. Use this interchange to test out your ideas and see how people react to them. If you have made such a strong commitment to a particular position that you are unwilling to see it challenged, you may be quite upset by some of the reactions. But that would be a poor attitude to take. You can correct your thinking on a number of issues without too much difficulty now. Even with the best intentions, however, you may run into quite a bit of disagreement today. This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong but that you should reexamine your position. If you find that it is difficult to reach compromises, delay any negotiations or discussions until another day.

Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2016

It is taking too long to people stand up for animal rights

So so true and sad: being vegan does not allow us to eat out 100% or to socialize with friends and family because of our food restrictions. It is hard because of others and not because of our being vegans. People find you strange and they judge you instead of admiring your courage, instead of looking up to your activism. I simply don't get it why people find normal eating little animals with flesh and blood and that are able to love and dream. It hurts me because I know most wouldn't eat their dogs, horses, or cats but they think it is okay to eat bacon or a chicken fillet. Wtf? What difference does that make? Animals aren't things. And please, stop accepting this psychopath lifestyle. Stop abusing cows and pigs. It looks too freaking mediaeval. It is out-dated and not all people were born to be murderers.

Montag, Oktober 10, 2016

I will be back on writing... I am a journalist at last

I am embracing a local magazine and I am the lead news writer. The thing is that I will be writing in Portuguese. I am not fond of using this language as it is one of the hardest to deal with. Therefore, I am nervous and excited at the same time.

I am back on reading in this language and  trying out to publish few things on short posts in my social media platforms. However, these are not being the perfect times to start publishing and getting known in the city as it is municipal election year, the former president got impeached, and moved away.

My life is upside down, backwards, and inside-out. I have lost, in figurative and literally speaking, family members, friends, and a business if my own. I turned 40 and have changed my hair color and cut 3 times already. I had gone back to therapy and have already quit due to finance matters. I have no health care and even if I had one, it would not cover it.

I started taking singing lessons, restarted drum lessons and I have recently begun working out in a ballet studio. I cannot forget that I have given up on my graduate studies. Why? Cutting down expenses. The whole country is broke.

It is frantic and, gosh, how it has become easy to criticise people instead of boosting their efforts. Brazil is divided and whoever is not on your side will judge you and consider all your thoughts their problems. They think they have got to "fix" your opinion as if your mind is broken or something. I just know that I feel a lot more comfortable writing in English and If there is any good heart out there, please wish me luck on this new magazine project.

I am going to give what it takes to deliver the best news stories and make this magazine profitable and pleasing to read.

Samstag, Oktober 01, 2016

I am afraid of those who believe in EVIL SPIRITS. It so medieval... Kinda stupid to me.

Traditional Catholicism

by Fr. Peter Carota

Traditional Catholic St. Benedict’s Medal

Posted by fc

One of the greatest protectors against the devil is the St. Benedict’s MedalBut many people who wear it or have it on a crucifix have no idea why it is so powerful or what the writing in Latin mean.  They also do not know that in order for the medal to be an effective sacramental to protect one from the devil is that is also has to be exorcized and blessed by a priest with a very certain prayer.

On the front of the medal you see to the left of St. Benedict: Crux S. Patris Benedicti which means, (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict), which he has in his hand.

Under his feet is written: Ex S M Casino MDCCCLXXX (From the Holy Mount of Cassino, 1880).  Monte Casino is in Italy where St. Benedict lived and is buried.

On the outside ring of the medal surrounding St. Benedict is: Ejus in obitu nostro presentia muniamur which means (May his presence protect us in the hour of death).

On the back of the medal are many initials standing for prayers in Latin.

C.S.S.M.L., meaning Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux (May the holy Cross be for me a light)

N.D.S.M.D., meaning Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux (Let not the dragon be my guide).

C S P B stand for Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict).

V.R.S.N.S.M.V., meaning Vade retro Satana; nunquam suade mihi vana (Begone Satan! Suggest not to me thy vain things).

S.M.Q.L.I.V.B., meaning Sunt mala quae libas; ipse venena bibas (The drink you offer is evil; drink that poison yourself).

PAX (Peace).

Here is the Latin Exorcism and Blessing prayer for the St. Benedict’s medal.

V. Adjutorium nostrum in nomine  Domini.

R. Qui fecit caelum et terram.

Exorcizo vos, numismata, per Deum + Patrem omnipotentem, qui fecit caelum et terram, mare et omnia, quae in eis sunt.  Omnis virtus adversarii, omnis exercitus diaboli, et omnis incursus, omne phantasma satanae, eradicare et effugare, ab his numismatibus: ut fiant omnibus, qui eis usuri sunt, salus mentis et corporis: in nomine Patris + omnipotentis, et Jesu + Christi Filii ejus, Domini nostri, et Spiritus + Sancti Paracliti, et in caritate ejusdem Domini nostri Jesu Christi, qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos, et saeculum per ignem. R. Amen.

V. Domine exaudi orationem meam.

R. Et clamor meus ad te veniat.

V. Dominus vobiscum.

R. Et cum spiritu tuo.

Oremus:  Deus omnipotens, bonorum omnium largitor, supplices te rogamus, ut per intercessionem sancti Benedicti his sacris numismatibus tuam beneditionem + infundas, ut omnes qui ea gestaverint ac bonis operibus intenti fuerint, sanitatem mentis et corporis, et gratiam sanctificationis, atque indulgentias (nobis) concessas consequi mereantur, omnesque diaboli insidias et fraudes, per auxilium misericordiae tuae, studeant devitare et in conspectu tuo sancti et immaculati valeant apparere.  Per Christum Dominum nostrum.   R. Amen.

Then the medal is sprinkled with Holy Water.

With all the satanic things going on, it is important to be out of mortal sin, wearing a scapular that you have been invested in and wear the St. Benedict medal.  Wearing a crucifix is a great protection too.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know about these great exorcism prayers in Latin and to be using these powerful Sacramentals.

Sonntag, September 25, 2016

Freitag, September 23, 2016

1 penny for a family

I deserve one, don't I?


How to forget
How to stop this suffering
How to disappear
How to stop Mumbling
How to empty my plate
when I am not hungry
How to untie this knot
How to stop this bleeding
How to control fear
How to stop gritting
How to loosen up my fate
when I am not fitting
How to, for crying out loud?

By L.C.B.