Donnerstag, Oktober 20, 2016

It is taking too long to people stand up for animal rights

So so true and sad: being vegan does not allow us to eat out 100% or to socialize with friends and family because of our food restrictions. It is hard because of others and not because of our being vegans. People find you strange and they judge you instead of admiring your courage, instead of looking up to your activism. I simply don't get it why people find normal eating little animals with flesh and blood and that are able to love and dream. It hurts me because I know most wouldn't eat their dogs, horses, or cats but they think it is okay to eat bacon or a chicken fillet. Wtf? What difference does that make? Animals aren't things. And please, stop accepting this psychopath lifestyle. Stop abusing cows and pigs. It looks too freaking mediaeval. It is out-dated and not all people were born to be murderers.

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